Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Has anyone tried this picasa thing? It sure uploads the pictures fast! Anyway, this is my dining room. You can sort of see the sunken family room through the archway there. It's messy because it was full of sickies when I took the picture...That's why the rest of the house is so clean! *g*  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

living room Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 02, 2006

Anyone have any ideas?

I can't figure out how to make the side bar thing stay at the top of my page. Oh, phooy, it looks like I lost my links when I changed my template. *sigh*

EDIT: Yay! I fixed it! Amazing what reading the FAQ does for a girl.

See my pretty new kitchen?

Well, rats, this picture is supposed to be at the bottom of my post. Oh well, I don't have time to play with it anymore, so here it's going to stay.

How could I NOT keep this place organized?

We just moved into our new home on September 30. Well, we closed on the 30th, and slept here on our mattresses on the floor. We moved in that weekend. :) Getting this place was a looong boring frustrating saga that I won't go into at this time. Suffice it to say, if we ever have to move, we won't be starting from scratch again! We will find something that is already there rather than clearing land and buying a manufactured home (we aren't allowed to call them trailers anymore, you know ;) ) Nope. We are here to stay, Lord willing.

Okay, I promised I would say what I was doing to keep organized. My sister came across this system, and helped me get started. I tried fly lady, and she has some great ideas, but I just couldn't do the shoe thing. Really, I'm very cranky if my feet have to be cooped up in shoes all day! What can I say? I'm a desert rat. :D

I have a little card file box, and different colored cards. In the box, there are dividers for days of the week, days of the month, and months. There are also alphabet dividers with cards for my addresses.

You go through your house and pick apart each room and make a card for every possible job in each room. You decide if it's a chore that should be done daily (yellow card), weekly (green card), monthly or seasonally or once a year (orange card). On the card, you write down what the chore is, when it should be done, and how to do it. Yes, I KNOW you know how to do it, but writing down the directions is good for when you want to DELEGATE! *wink*

Okay, here's the tricky part: In the front of the box you have the days of the week. Behind that you have the days of the months, and behind that you have your months. Things you do once a year get filed under the month you want to do them. If you want to get your taxes done in February, you put that card under Feb. When Feb. rolls around, you take the Feb. cards and file them in the days of the month section, according to when you want to do them. Say you are really posh and need an accountant...if your appt. is for the 12th, you put the taxes card under the 12th. When the week of the 12th rolls around, you take all days from that week and file them under Mon., Tues, Wed., etc... Since you know you have that appt. on the 12th, you won't be putting the card for your monthly stove de-gunking on the same day.

The monthly cards get filed under the days of the month. You have your "dust celing fans" card under the 4th. The 4th rolls around and you end up having to take your car to the mechanic and are stuck in town all day. Bummer. You get home at 3:00 and it's time to get started with dinner, and there's that stupid green card STARING at you, nagging you to dust the celing fans! Just pick that little booger up, and put it back under the 4th. You are not a slave to the cards...they are your servants! So, the celing fans go a month without dusting. So what? Chances are, before you started the card system, they went a YEAR without dusting.

The daily cards are filed under the days of the week. You pull them out on Monday, as you finish you put them under Tues., etc. Except on Sat., when you only put the most crucial ones, like "make the beds" under Sun. You should be focusing on worship and family time on Sunday. (Hey, it was just an example. I'm sure in somone's world "make the beds" is highly crucial) The rest skip to Monday. Every day when you finish the last card, you check the cards for tomorrow and make sure no pesky monthly ones are filed wrong. If your seasonal window washing pops up on the day that you have a dentist appointment, move it to a better day, or wait till spring to wash the windows. Your choice.

Of course, with this system, you STILL have to have enough self-dicipline to look at your cards, but they help remind you what needs to be done. I know that once I have a cuppa and play online, spend some time with the Lord, homeschool the kids, take care of personal grooming etc., I forget what even NEEDS to be done. I will find myself going, "Now what was I going to do? Oh well, must not have been too important." I just FORGET what needs to be done. The cards are very helpful with that. You can also get discouraged if they pile up too big. That's why, if you miss a monthly one you should just go ahead and file it under the next month. Don't let them build up so that it's impossible to get them all done. You should take a pencil and mark the card that you skipped it in March, so hopefully you won't skip it again in April.

They are also very helpful to get the kids involved with the housework. You can divide them up in the morning, and everyone knows what they have to do and how to do it. If you notice a child that is at loose ends, you can head off any mischief by handing him or her a card to do.

It sounds pretty complicated, but it becomes second nature, and you will tweak it to your personal needs. If you get up and automatically make the bed as soon as your feet hit the floor (back to making beds again!), you probably don't even need a "make the bed" card, unless you want it for reminding the kids. It's best to go ahead and make all the cards, then figure out which ones you don't need.

That's it. I started it in my little rental house, but didn't get very far, but I'm hoping to make it work here. We'll see! I'll leave you with a pretty picture of the view from my back porch (that is if I HAD a back's just steps right now. We'll get there!)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Hi Everyone!

It's all Teisha's fault. First I found Leah's blog, which led me to Stephanie's which led me to Teisha's. I was just going to be happy making a comment on each one once in a while, but Teisha has hers set up so that you can't comment unless you have a blog yourself. Hmph. Well, here's mine, but I can't say I'll be posting all that much. I dunno, though, I might decide I like it. We'll see. I'll at least put up a few pictures so that you all can see my new house.

Huh. Whoda thunk my first act of 2006 (after getting my cuppa) was going to be creating a blog?!